PowerShell Obfuscator - (Online|OnPrem) Obfuscation of PowerShell Code

Obfuscate PowerShell Scripts (.ps1), Protect projects of any Complexity - Upload your scripts or use ps1-Obfuscator Privately!

OS Portability

Will my obfuscated Powershell script work on any Windows OS? Yes. If you encounter problems with any particular version of Windows, just let us know. We'll update the obfuscator to accommodate it.

Function/Module Files

Can I encrypt Powershell modules? Yes, you can. Powershell Module files or function files are protected in the same way as regular powershell scripts.

Online Obfuscator

Can I submit a test powershell script first before making a purchase? Yes. Click here to go directly to the PowerShell portal for .ps1 script submissions.

Script File Size

Is there a limit on the size of Powershell scripts that can be obfuscated/protected? No, there is not. You can submit a powershell script of any size. However, note, most powershell scripts are obfuscated within 2 to 3 seconds. The size of your particular script could conceivably add to that.

How-To Videos on Script Protection

How to use the enscryption tool (or our web service) to encrypt and obfuscate your scripts - protect your powershell scripts from unintended exposure, theft.

Powershell Script Obfuscation

Encrypt, Obfuscate, Hide, Protect and Secure any powershell script (.ps1). Distribute powershell scripts without exposing proprietary information. Get notifications of attempts to break into your guarded code. Encrypt/Obfuscate unlimited powershell scripts, set expiration dates, prevent duplications.


Tamper Resistance Protection

Tamper Resistant Powershell Script - Encrypt your raw powershell code, Seal it off while simultaneously allowing it to remain executable, Prevent edits or modifications of any kind!


Duplication Prevention

Encrypt your powershell scripts - Ensure your protected Powershell script cannot be renamed and used under a different name.


Double-clicking Obfuscated Script

This video is just a simple demonstration of our to quickly test or run an obfuscated powershell script, without having to bring up a terminal.


Latest powershell obfuscation

Demonstrations of the latest powershell obfuscation technique. In this video, a powershell script is submitted for obfuscation. And after the obfuscation process completes, we test the script's tamper resistance and script duplication prevention.


Script Obfuscation, Encryption and Protection!

Upload PowerShell Scripts for Automatic Online Obfuscation OR Protect your PowerShell Projects privately with OnPrem Licenses!

Online Script Submission (SAS)

Powershell Script Protection (Online)

Purchase access to our online portal for script submissions. After access is granted, simply log in to the portal to begin submitting powershell scripts for encryption.

Licenses (On-Prem/Private hosts)

Powershell Script Protection (License)

Download the encryption tool itself and use it on Linux/Mac systems to encrypt your powershell scripts. Yes, encrypted scripts will work wherever Powershell is available.