R-Script Obfuscator - (Online|OnPrem) Obfuscation of R-Script Source Code

Obfuscate R Scripts (.r/.R/.rmd/.RMD), Protect RMarkdown Projects of any Complexity - Upload your scripts or use the rR-Obfuscator Privately!

OS Portability

Will my encrypted R script work on Linux and Windows Systems? Yes, it will.

R Function Files

Can I encrypt R function files/scripts? Yes, you can. R Function files are protected just like any other R script.

RStudio Compatibility

Can I run my encrypted scripts from within RStudio? Yes, you can. And if you require any assistance, we're here to help!

Script File Size

Is there a size limit on the type of R scripts that can be encrypted? No, there is not.

How-To Videos on R Script Protection

How to use the enscryption tool to encrypt and obfuscate R scripts - Protect R source code from unintended exposure, theft.

R MarkDown Protection

This video demonstrates the very straight forward process of submitting a .rmd/.RMD file for obfuscation. Assuming, you're an online subscriber, not a onprem user.


R Shiny App Protection

R Shiny App Code Protection - Protect RStudio Shiny App R-Scripts - Obfuscate R-Code files for Shiny


OnPrem R Code Protection

How to use the licensed version of the AtShai R-Code Obfuscator to protect R scripts of any complexity. Demonstrate what happens when a protected R script is modified or tampered with. How to check if an obfuscated R script has an expiration date assigned to it.


R Script Protection

Default R Script Protection - How to encrypt an R script to ensure it is not modifiable.


R Code - Restrict User Access

In this video, an R script is submitted for encryption and a list of users is assigned to the encrypted script. These users will be the only users allowed to run the encrypted R script.


R Code - Restrict Host Access

In this video, an R script is submitted for encryption and a host name is specified. Encrypted script is designed to abort immediately if script is run on a host it is not permitted to run on.


Php Online Obfuscation

In this video, a basic R script is encrypted twice. The first time is to show what happens if you wish to prevent your encrypted script from being used/executed from within Rstudio or Rconsole. The second time shows how the encrypted script behaves when it is allowed to run in Rstudio or Rconsole.


Script Obfuscation, Encryption and Protection!

Purchase the right tool to Protect, Encrypt & Obfuscate Rcode scripts!

Online Script Submission (SAS)

Rcode Script Protection (Online)

Obfuscate & Encrypt Rcode scripts (.r/.R) for use on any system R is installed. Simply login to our online portal to begin submitting Rcode scripts for encryption.

Licenses (On-Prem/Private hosts)

Rcode Script Protection (License)

Obfuscate & Encrypt Rcode scripts (.r/.R) for use on any system R is installed. Download the encryption tool itself and use it on Linux/Mac systems to encrypt your Rcode scripts.

Customer Feedback

User feedback on the usefulness of our R code encryption tool!

Bowers Management Analytics, LLC

Enscryption.com is a convenient and cost-effective way to protect your confidential code from prying eyes. Enscryption has been a huge help and given us peace of mind that our innovative proprietary code won't be pirated. It is a great tool alone or along with more traditional means of IP protection.

The Enscryption team provide terrific and timely support that makes enscrypting your code fast and easy.

We are able to enscrypt our confidential code, put it in a container and send it to our licensees to run on their server without worrying about IP loss. I recommend the service highly - we would be lost without it.

Keith Bowers, Founder, Bowers Management Analytics, LLC

Grandway Group

AtShai.com offers a terrific tool that helps us to protect our IP while maintaining our processes seamlessly functional. We are a trading firm that needs to deploy some of our execution algorithms on remote servers. Needless to say, we have great concerns about the security of our algorithms.

It has been a great concern to us but unfortunately some of our code is written in R, which was not possible to encrypt. That is until we found this great product offered by AtShai.com. We are so glad to be utilizing the tool provided by AtShai.com as it brings a peace of mind knowing our code is safe now. The EnScryption team is also extremely responsive and helpful in explaining/solving any issues we come across along the way. Thank you EnScryption team for this wonderful product.

Kevin Zhou, Managing Director, Grandway Group, www.grandway.com