Online Obfuscators - Source Code Protection

Protect your code against Unauthorized Edits, Prolonged Usage, Illegal Duplications, Vulnerability Scans - Upload your scripts to any one of the available online obfuscators below and see for yourself that yes, Source Code can be protected!


Upload Shell scripts (.sh/.bash/.ksh/.ksh93)


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Upload Python scripts (.py)


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Php CLI & Web

Upload PHP scripts (.php)

Rscript & RMarkdown

Upload R Scripts/RMarkdown (.r/.R/.rmd/.RMD)


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How-To Videos on Script Protection

How to use the enscryption tool (or our web service) to encrypt and obfuscate your scripts - protect your shell, perl, powershell, ruby, python, cli php, rcode source code from exposure, theft.

Shell Script Obfuscation

Encrypt, Obfuscate, Hide, Protect and Secure any shell script (.sh, .bash, .ksh, .csh, .ksh93). Distribute your scripts without exposing proprietary information.


Perl Script Obfuscation

Encrypt, Obfuscate, Hide, Protect and Secure any perl script (.pl). Distribute your scripts without exposing proprietary information.


Python Script Obfuscation

In this video, a python script and all its imported modules are encrypted with no password assigned. For added security, a password can be applied to an encrypted module to ensure it can only be imported from other encrypted python scripts.


Ruby Script Protection

In this video, multiple ruby scripts are submitted for encryption. After encryption, the encrypted scripts are executed and compared to their raw/plain text versions to verify there are no differences in behavior.


Web/Cli PHP Obfuscation

Encrypt, Obfuscate, Hide, Protect and Secure command line Unix, Macs & Windows(Bash) PHP scripts (.php). Distribute your scripts without exposing proprietary information. Get notifications of attempts to break into your guarded code. Encrypt/Obfuscate unlimited php scripts, set expiration dates, prevent duplications.


RCode/RScript Obfuscation

Encrypt, obfuscate and protect r-code scripts. Convert plain text rcode into unreadable, but executable data. Choose whether or not to prevent encrypted script from being executable through Rconsole or RStudio.


PowerShell Script Protection

Encrypt, Obfuscate, Hide, Protect and Secure any powershell script (.ps1)


Most Commonly Asked Questions

OS Portability

Will my obfuscated script work on any OS? Yes. Obfuscated scripts will work everywhere their plain text version works on. But don't just take our word for it. Upload any of your scripts to the free online portal and confirm for yourself!

Function Files / Modules

Can I encrypt function files, Modules? Yes. Function files and modules are obfuscated the same way regular scripts are. If desired, you can enable additional security to ensure your function or module files can only be imported from other obfuscated scripts.

Script File Size

Is there a size limit on the type of scripts that can be obfuscated? No, there is not. The size of the scripts you obfuscate is irrelevant to the obfuscation process. The process may take a few seconds longer, however, depending on the size of your script.


My script is very complex. Will that affect obfuscation? No. The complexity of your script does not matter, at all. Rather than change variable names, like other tools out there are doing, here at, we actually convert your code, in its entirety, into an obfuscated text which will bear no resemblance to the original plain text version.

Customized Development

Can you create custom features specifically for our company? Yes. We understand there are many different ways a scripting project may be designed and as such, we have a eager attitude towards fulfilling customization requests involving feature modifications and/or development.

On-Prem Licenses

Can the obfuscation tool be used on our own private servers? Yes. You'll need to purchase a license. Click on the icon above the name of your desired language, to view the available options.