Shell Script Obfuscator - (Online|OnPrem) Obfuscation of Shell Scripts

Obfuscate Shell Scripts (.sh/.ksh/.ksh93/.csh/.zsh), Protect projects of any Complexity - Upload your scripts or use the sh-Obfuscator Privately!

OS Portability

Will my obfuscated bash scripts work anywhere? Yes. Obfuscated bash scripts are valid shell scripts which will work wherever bash/shell is available. And if you encounter an issue on a unique OS, don't worry. We'll take care of it.

Shell/Bash Function Files

Can I encrypt bash function files/scripts? Yes, you can. Bash function files are obfuscated just like any script. And yes, you can expect the obfuscated function files to operate exactly as the original, plain text version.

Script File Size

Is there a size limit on the type of shell scripts (.sh/.ksh/.ksh93/.csh/.zsh) that can be obfuscated? The sizes of your bash scripts are irrelevant. The obfuscation process may take a few seconds longer for bash scripts that are unusually large versus smaller scripts.

Tamper Resistant

Automated prevention of unauthorized modifications to protected code. The AtShai Bash Obfuscator ensures your shell script source code is thoroughly obfuscated, well hidden and never available for the public to modify or tamper with.

Safeguard Proprietary Code

With your code safely obfuscated, you are now free to sell and/or share it publicly without having to worry about potential theft of intellectual property, illegally prolonged usage of your software, vulnerability scans!

Surveillance/Code Monitoring

Once your protected shell scripts have been shared with the outside world, this feature (if enabled) allows you to gather metrics on how it is being used. Enables you to identify users with nefarious intentions.

Date Lock / Restrictions

Regulate when protected shell scripts can be executed. Specify periods during which protected scripts are authorized to run. Abort all executions that happen outside of the set time window.

User Access

Retain 100% control on the number of users authorized to use any of your protected bash shell scripts. Terminate all executions by unauthorized user names not found in the allowed user list.

Host Access

Regulate the number of hosts & servers your obfuscated bash shell scripts are authorized to run on. Terminate all executions of your scripts on hosts not in the allowed host list.