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Ruby Obfuscator (.rb/.RoR) Source Code Protection

We are different in many ways. First, our protection does not require you to install or configure any additional components in order for your protected script to work.

Other options out there require that you ship extra plugins/modules along with the encrypted ruby script. They often use these extra plugins to run the protected script on the hosts on which it is intended to run.

Our protection algorithm takes in your original plain text ruby code, does its magic, then spits out an encrypted/obfuscated version which works exactly as the orginal does. Nothing extra needed.

Second, with our protection, the version of ruby you use does not matter.

Of course.

If none of the options available on the purchasing page work for you, we can certainly provide assistance. We'll need to know how many scripts you intend to protect and how many users/developers in your company you envision using the EnScryption tool.

Currently, the on-prem version of the tool is designed to allow unlimited encryption of scripts by an unlimited number of users. However, if the tool is only going to be used by a certain number of users within your company, we will take that into account and generate a more suitable version of the tool for you. Just shoot us an email.

Sure. Send us an email. Let us know which purchasing plan you're interested in. We'll find a suitable payment system for you to use.

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Questions (compatibility,security)

The enscrypt.io Ruby obfuscator (rRenScrypt) can be used on any Ubuntu/Redhat/Linux based system and of course MacOSes.

Absolutely. Yes, you can expect the encrypted ruby scripts to work wherever Ruby is available.

Script duplication prevention (SDP) is the method by which an obfuscated ruby script is prevented from being used under a different name. For instance, if you obfuscated a ruby script named 'myCompanyReportGenerator.rb', SDP ensures that name can never be changed. If it is ever altered, the obfuscated ruby code will refuse to run.

Yes. You can obfuscate any Ruby on Rails script file just as you would any Ruby script. The process of obfuscation is the same. Simply specify the file/directory you wish to obfuscate and our Ruby obfuscation tool will take over.

Absolutely not. Your encrypted script should be expected to work exactly as the original.

Yes. Currently, there's only two main levels of projection. Level 0 and Level 1. Level 0 provides the maximum security, but with this security comes added size to the encrypted script. This size is often insignificant. But should it ever become a concern, you can just switch to Level 1.

Level 1 provides the most basic, yet, powerful protection for your code. It is very light and with it, you can add or remove protection depending on the requirement at hand.

Yes. And if you have a hard time believing that due to disappointing experiences you may have had with other outside tools, that's ok. For proof of concept, we will gladly encrypt any one of your complex projects for you.

Just reach out to us at [ Support@EnScryption.com ] with a link to the zipfile of the project you wish for us to protect. Or, you can just attach the project to the email you send us.

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Questions (script size,execution time,licenses,plans)

The size of the encrypted script will be negligible, especially if encrypted using Level 1 protection.

Earlier versions of the obfuscated scripts were much heavier, but after taking into consideration feedback from several customers, we've been able to trim out the unnecessary parts.

Now, users get to choose specific levels of protection to apply to their scripts, as opposed to us imposing preset configurations.

No. One of the early challenges of protecting source code is developing the appropriate level of protection that does not noticeably impact the execution of the code being protected.

We are very proud to say that, as of June 19, 2021, scripts protected with our obfuscator can be expected to run almost as fast as their original / plain text versions. There will be time added to the execution of the final encrypted script, but this time is negligible.

But what exactly is 'negligible'? What does that mean?

We have quite a few very short, straight to the point videos in the above links available for you to watch to get an idea of what to expect.

Of course. During the duration of your license term, you get to choose when or if each script you protect should expire. If a script is protected without the expiration mandate, that essentially means the script will never expire. Your users will be able to continue using it for as long as they wish.

The online options requires you to upload your scripts to our online portal for them to be encrypted.

The on-prem options allows you to utilize the actual EnScryption tool on your own private hosts. With this version, and for the duration of the license period, you will be able to protect an unlimited number of scripts on an unlimited number of servers.

Yes, the scripts you encrypted during the period which the license was valid and current, will continue to work, even after your license expires. We don't control the expiration dates you assign to your scripts. That is up to you. You get to decide whether or not the script(s) you protect have to expire.